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OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a highly effective language model that may be used to generate writing that is strikingly similar to that produced by real people. Its primary interface is an application programming interface (API), which is used by programmers to access its features and incorporate them into other software. Text generation, question answering, and other NLP-related operations are all within the API’s purview.

A subscription service is one option for using ChatGPT. The API and its features can then be made available to corporations and people for a monthly or annual subscription price. When it comes to using the API for company projects, the subscription model can be a cost-effective alternative to paying a one-time fee.

ChatGPT offers a number of different pricing and feature tiers for organisations and individuals to select from when subscribing. You can get access to private models or features like batch processing with a higher tier of service, for instance. It’s vital to compare plans and prices to find the one that works for you because they can vary widely.

Chat GPT Professional Plan & Pricing

Earlier this month, OpenAI announced it was considering charging for access to its artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT, dubbed “ChatGPT Professional.” Users now claim they have been upgraded to the $42/monthly pro tier.

OpenAI has not made any statements or acknowledged that this is a legitimate test. We have reached out to the company for comment, but in the meanwhile, keep in mind that functionality and pricing may evolve before ChatGPT Professional is released to the public. In a statement released earlier this month, OpenAI cautioned users, “Please keep in mind that this is an early experimental initiative that is subject to change, and we are not making paid pro access publicly available at this time.”

So, what do you get for your $42 each month? Users with early access report faster reaction times, more reliable access (because ChatGPT is sometimes down), and “earlier access to new features,” as seen by screenshots supplied by those with early access (whatever they turn out to be).

A developer named Zahid Khawaja, who has worked on other AI projects, has demonstrated the pro tier’s cross-platform functionality on PC and mobile (as well as a screenshot of his payment to OpenAI as proof). According to Khawaja’s testing, the paid version of the system provides noticeably quicker response times.


The question of expense is more difficult to answer. Many users vented their frustration and dissatisfaction with the $42 price tag on the official ChatGPT Discord.

According to one user, “if it made me money I could explain the $42/mo.” However, in their country, this is a substantial percentage of the minimum salary.

I wanted to sign up for a plan badly, but $42 a month is too costly.

If you’re a heavy user who wants to become “superhuman” with the help of AI, $42 isn’t too much to pay. It’s going to be too much for too many people,” someone other added.

The final commenter makes an excellent point in pointing out that users’ evaluations of any price will be influenced by how much they actually utilise the service. There are several anecdotal reports of people finding that ChatGPT speeds up their work, and for these people, $42 per month seems like an acceptable investment, on par with any other software subscription. However, those who just use it sometimes will have to keep their fingers crossed that the free tier remains available and maintains feature parity (more or less) with the paid version. Given the dearth of competitive offerings, OpenAI’s $42 price tag is likely a speculative first attempt at pricing and a nerdy inside joke. However, charging any money at all will serve as an effective filter to determine just how beneficial ChatGPT truly is.

Keep in mind that 2018 is a breakout year for the artificial intelligence chatbot sector. OpenAI’s selected big-tech big brother isn’t the only system in development; there are others, such as Claude, designed by former OpenAI employees but only available in limited beta at the moment. Unlike Google, which is rumoured to be hastily preparing a demo of its own chat-enhanced search engine for later this year, Microsoft plans to integrate ChatGPT into both Bing and its office suite. Despite its popularity amongst early users, ChatGPT will soon face stiff competition.

Chat GPT Features

ChatGPT Pro is a premium upgrade that provides priority support, a more stable connection, and access to future updates ahead of the general public. Although, at the moment, not everyone has access to ChatGPT Pro. Only a small number of people have access to it, but those who do have opinions about it are starting to share them.

Zahid Khawaja, one of the developers on the project, has posted a video of ChatGPT Pro on his Twitter.

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How much will ChatGPT Pro cost?

According to Zahid Khawaja’s Twitter, the monthly cost of ChatGPT Pro is $42. He also provided documentation for his subscription, which looks to be renewed regularly. Thus, ChatGPT Pro will set you back $504 annually, however an annual plan at a slightly reduced fee is anticipated to become available in the future.

For casual AI chatbot users, this may not be worthwhile, but for those who use it on a regular basis as an assistant or something similar, the cost savings might add up quickly. Considering the high price tag of $42, we anticipate future details from OpenAI regarding the advantages of ChatGPT Pro.

How to get ChatGPT Pro

In order to join the queue for ChatGPT Pro, please fill out the following form and submit it to OpenAI.

Only advanced users can access ChatGPT Pro. If you put in a lot of time with the app, you might get picked to try out the new subscription before it’s released to the public. Even yet, it remains inaccessible to the vast majority of users. The reason for this is that it is a “soft launch.”

It has not been officially announced yet

OpenAI may be treating its current crop of customers as a soft launch of sorts for ChatGPT Pro before unveiling it to the wider world, given the service has not yet been officially revealed. Given that ChatGPT is currently a very unstable platform, we’d like to see a bit more clarity before shelling out $42 per month for a subscription.


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