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Since OpenAI, an AI and research firm, debuted the text-based artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT on November 30, 2022, it has gone viral and drawn billions of dollars in financing from tech investors. ChatGPT is an AI-powered, natural language processing tool that enables you to conduct lifelike discussions with a chatbot. It may respond to follow-up questions, refute false premises, ignore irrelevant inquiries, and even confess its own faults. Since ChatGPT is still in its early stages of development, where research and user comments are being collected, it is now available to the public at no cost.

Risks of Registering for ChatGPT with a Phone Number

Many ChatGPT members hide their real phone numbers upon signing up. While there may be times when this comes in helpful, it is not without possible dangers. Using a personal phone number to connect to ChatGPT has more dangers than benefits.

  • A third party may access your account and utilise your personal information for bad if your private number were to be exposed or stolen. Sending unsolicited communications, or “spam,” or attempting to get access to someone else’s account and data is one example.
  • Your account may be temporarily disabled or permanently terminated if this occurs. It’s also known as “identity theft” in certain circles.
    If you lose access to your account for whatever reason, such as forgetting your password, you may not have many choices available to you. Since only the original account holder would know the secret number’s location, it might be challenging to verify ownership of the account.
  • Someone else may sign up for an account using your name and phone number if they had access to that number. Problems with identity verification and security might arise if account ownership is unclear.
  • In light of these concerns, think carefully before providing a personal phone number while signing up for ChatGPT. If you insist on using a personal account number, be careful to keep it a secret at all times.

Use Dingtone to confirm ChatGPT

Dingtone is a free software that allows you to make calls and send messages from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Send a verification text message to establish a ChatGPT account and use Dingtone’s second phone number to make limitless calls without giving out your personal information.

It’s simple to get a Dingtone number for ChatGPT account verification by following these steps:

  • The Dingtone App may be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store, making it convenient for users of both mobile operating systems to get a Dingtone number. It’s available for download on this page, too.
  • Enter the appropriate country code and phone number to activate your second Dingtone number. Just go to “Connect” > “My Phone Numbers” to double-check the accuracy of the number. (European phone numbers, especially those in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Sweden, have been tested and found to function well with ChatGPT.)
  • If you have enough Dingtone credits, you can get that number for free. Once you’ve saved up enough Dingtone credits, you may utilise the app’s main calling button (located at the bottom of the screen) to contact other Dingtone users. With time and effort, you may accumulate credits that can be used to pay for additional phone lines.

How to Register for ChatGPT with Dingtone Second Number

It’s simpler than ever once you have the Dingtone number in hand. ChatGPT registration is quick and easy, and it does not need any personal information.

  • Get on or visit Open AI’s main site.
  • Just hit the “Get going” button.
  • Get a Dingtone number and sign up now (mentioned above)
  • Put in your information
  • Select Your Preferred Account Type
  • From the various choices on the home page, let’s choose Text Completion to get started.
  • Please choose Generation under Text Completion.
  • Choose the playground. A sign reading “Looking for ChatGPT?” will appear. To give it a go, choose the try it out button.
  • Once you click this, the chat window will load in a new tab.
  • Press the Submit button after you’ve finished entering your instructions, searches, or anything.
  • Have fun with ChatGPT!

Why You should Dingtone as a Second Options

One of the most secure methods to join ChatGPT without giving up your personal number is to use a secondary phone number. Since Dingtone gives its customers a virtual phone number that is distinct from their actual one, it is ideal for this purpose. Dingtone makes it possible to sign up for ChatGPT without giving out your phone number.

  • Your ChatGPT interactions will now go via your Dingtone number instead of your actual phone number. In other words, you may keep in touch with loved ones and coworkers without fear that they will discover your personal phone number. As an added bonus, you can relax knowing that any calls or texts you get via ChatGPT won’t clutter up your primary number since the Dingtone number is a whole other entity.
  • Additionally, a Dingtone number simplifies the process of maintaining many ChatGPT profiles. You won’t have to worry about forgetting passwords or signing in to the incorrect account since each one has its own unique virtual phone number. Plus, you may move between accounts quickly and effortlessly without having to memorise numerous sets of credentials.
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