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Any website accessible at, or any other website with “This site is offered by OnChatGPT” in its footer, falls inside the scope of the following.

You can get all the data you need from this site without spending a dime. It’s available for usage by anyone, with the following caveats:

The following terms and conditions apply to all users of OnChatGPT and are effective immediately upon your initial usage of the site. Please do not access, use, or contribute to OnChatGPT if you do not accept all of the following terms.

Checking these terms on a regular basis is a must as OnChatGPT may make changes from time to time. Using the site after those changes have been made means you agree to the new terms. Stop using this site immediately if you don’t agree with the modifications. Terms defined elsewhere on OnChatGPT, which may be more unique to a certain location, shall take precedence in the event of a dispute with these terms.

Your use of OnChatGPT must be in accordance with all applicable laws and may not infringe upon, limit, or prohibit anyone else’s use and enjoyment of the site in any way. Disrupting the usual flow of discourse within OnChatGPT, transmitting obscene or offensive content, or harassing or causing distress or discomfort to any person are all prohibited.

There is no guarantee that OnChatGPT or the servers that make it possible are free of viruses or bugs or that the site’s functionality will be uninterrupted or error-free. You agree it is your obligation to use adequate procedures and virus checks (including anti-virus and other security checks) to ensure the integrity of your data input and output.




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